Acrylic Gouache Painting Process, from Start to Finish

Abstract Art and Social Commentary

I’m creating a series of paintings reflecting my feelings about the war in Ukraine. In this particular piece that you will see in the video, I will be doing a full painting demonstration from start to finish. I will talk about my techniques and some of my thoughts on the current conflict.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the art of the political is not as major as the art of commentary. So I will talk more about commentary than about a political statement. Even though the work may itself tell the story of my feelings and artistically what I’m looking for. 

The painting here starts as a pencil line drawing. I think of it as an automatic drawing, meaning it just flows out of me in a general shape. The drawing works its way into the composition I’m envisioning.

In this case, this painting is based on the Russian warship Moskva and how the missiles sank it. I’m making it into a person instead of making it into just some rockets. So I’m taking the idea that a possibility here might just become a development of an idea: two different eyes, two different ways of seeing and expanding out the ideas.

As I continue to draw and paint layers of colors, my thoughts and emotions will guide me. I want people to learn that you have your way of thinking, your feelings, and all that must be and must be part of your work. 

It’s an integral part of your work because it is you. As artists, we can do all kinds of things in art because we have all the different materials. Add to that all the other methods now and all sorts of different ways of working. But it has to be you in the end. And that’s what’s important to me. cropped-dick-crispo-favicon_.png

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