Adding New Color To An Old Sketchbook

Adding A Painterly Look To Line Art Sketches

I recently discovered one of my old sketchbooks, a Pamco Field Sketcher. It is a pocket-sized sketchbook that I’ve had probably since the ’70s or early ’80s. When I opened it up, I found all these drawings that are so related to what I do now.

In this old sketchbook, I am using a pen whereas nowadays I tend to use a pencil with a fat tip. The lines may look slightly different, but the creative part is still there. This shows really how my mind works, which is really what it’s all about.

Dick Crispo art sketchbook 01
Line art sketch from an old sketchbook (circa 1970s-80s)

In this old sketchbook, I’m working the same way I would today, except I’m finding these older drawings are sometimes much more complicated. Somewhere in my process over the years, I started simplifying these drawings. For example, in the drawing below, I had this box thing I was adding to these drawings. This same style shows up in my oil paintings from the early 80s.

I decided to go back into some of these drawings in the old sketchbook and put in some watercolor in areas of the drawings. I’m using some of the techniques I’ve been using with my monochromatic head studies, such as using tissue paper to bring out of the white of the paper for lighter areas. I’m adding color as well to introduce a painterly feel to these old drawings.

Dick Crispo art sketchbook 03
A sketch of a figure with a box shape

All of this artwork in this old sketchbook are sketches. When I go in with the newly added watercolor, I am adding color notes to the sketches. Adding areas of translucent color and mica gives new life to these sketches. In the end, what we have are color sketches.

Watch the video below to see me paint in some color and add new life to these sketches.cropped-dick-crispo-favicon_.png

color sketch Dick Crispo
Adding layers of translucent watercolor over the original ink sketch.

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