Setting Up an Art Studio on Cannery Row

An Inspired Move

Dick Crispo in front of gallery
Dick Crispo stands outside the Cheryl Watts Pottery & Gallery located on Cannery Row in Monterey, California.
I’m embarking on a new journey, setting up my art studio at the Cheryl Potts Pottery and Gallery on Cannery Row in Monterey, CA. With my passion for creating rhythmic drawings and paintings, this move promises to offer a fresh perspective on my artistic endeavors. So, let’s dive in and explore the implications of this exciting change.

Finding Inspiration in Cannery Row

Dick Crispo painting
Dick Crispo describes his automatism drawing technique.
My decision to move my art studio into the gallery on Cannery Row begs the question—what draws me to this historic waterfront district? Well, you should know I actually have my home studio located above the gallery below.  My home studio is having a little work done to the interior and so I’m working in the gallery below for the time being. In addition to all that, the artistic charm of Cannery Row, combined with its picturesque coastal setting, provides the perfect blend of inspiration for my creative process. The vibrant energy of this location, with its cozy galleries, unique shops, and passionate artists, is bound to infuse my artwork with a distinct flavor.

Unleashing Creativity in Unique Spaces

Dick Crispo studio gallery 03
The view of the gallery from Dick Crispo’s easel.
The decision to work within the Cheryl Potts Pottery and Gallery serves as a testament to the power of collaborative spaces for artists. By setting up my art studio within an existing gallery, I believe it invites the exchange of ideas and creativity within a wider artistic community.
Dick Crispo collaborative gallery
The Cheryl Watts Pottery & Gallery features artwork by local artists.
Sharing a space with pottery works by Cheryl Potts not only enhances the visual appeal of the art studio but also nurtures a cross-pollination of artistic techniques and perspectives. This fusion of different art forms creates a stimulating environment for me to explore new possibilities in my paintings.

Focus and Artistic Growth

Having a dedicated art studio allows me to hone my skills and focus solely on my art. The serene ambiance of Cannery Row, away from the distractions of daily life, enables me to lose myself in my creative process. This concentrated effort is bound to result in deeper explorement of my signature rhythmic style and perhaps even the emergence of new techniques.
Dick Crispo with brushes
Dick Crispo holds up his two inking brushes.
While my larger “conversation series” paintings demand space, they also offer viewers a gateway to explore the intricate world of vibrant colors, fluid lines, and thought-provoking symbolism. The opportunity to work on such grand-scale pieces in this new studio provides me the freedom to experiment.

Final Thoughts

My decision to set up my studio on Cannery Row helps inspiration, growth, and community. With a blend of picturesque surroundings, collaboration with fellow artists, and a dedicated space for focused creation, I look forward to an exciting artistic journey in the months ahead.
Dick Crispo with paintings in studio gallery
Dick Crispo and his series of ‘conversations’ paintings.
I can’t wait to unveil more of my rhythmic drawings and paintings. They should be filled with newfound energy and inspiration. Stay tuned as I complete more of my ‘conversations’ paintings as I find the solace and creative expansion in the heart of Cannery Row. cropped-dick-crispo-favicon_.png


Cheryl Watts Pottery & Gallery 417 Cannery Row Monterey, CA 93940 Phone: (831) 655-0303
gold face watercolor painting
A watercolor painting using paints.

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