The Influence of Mexican Murals on My Art

Exploring Psychosocial Art as Influenced by Large Colorful Murals

I took a recent trip to Mexico. While on the trip, I was sure to continue drawing.  I was, and still am, influenced by the people and culture in Mexico. Below is a gallery of all the art I made will on the trip. I only traveled with a small sketchbook and two brush markers. 

My work has been heavily influenced by Mexican mural art. One of the key ways in which my art has been influenced by Mexican mural art is through his use of vibrant colors. Mexican muralists are known for their use of bright, bold colors that are meant to convey a sense of energy and vitality. I have embraced this approach, and most of my paintings are characterized by rich, saturated colors.

Dick Crispo Mural Art
Dick Crispo working on a mural at Monterey High School outside the cafeteria walls, 1971

Another way in which I have been influenced by Mexican mural art is through my interest in social and political issues. Mexican muralists were known for using their art to comment on issues such as class inequality and political oppression, and I have followed in their footsteps by creating works that address similar topics. For example, I have created paintings that explore the impact of capitalism on the environment and the human spirit.

political artwork
Vietnam protest painting, 1967

I have also been inspired by the scale and grandeur of Mexican murals. Mexican muralists often worked on massive canvases that covered entire walls, and their works were meant to be viewed from a distance. I have created a number of large-scale paintings that have a similar impact, with dynamic compositions that draw the viewer in and make them feel as though they are a part of the scene.

Acrylic painting featuring masks

My own work has been influenced by the use of narrative in Mexican mural art. Mexican murals often tell stories, with multiple scenes and characters that work together to convey a larger message. I try to incorporate this technique into my own works, creating paintings that are rich in detail and meaning, and that invite the viewer to explore and uncover the many layers of the composition.

Mural freedom
Mural at Monterey High School, 1970

I strive for my work to be a testament to the enduring legacy of Mexican mural art. Through use of color, interest in social and political issues, grand scale, and use of narrative, the body of work that I create both honors and builds upon the traditions of this important artistic movement.cropped-dick-crispo-favicon_.png

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