Sketching Serenity: My Joyful Journey in Envisioning Mural Masterpieces

Dick Crispo Sketching Watercolor Murals

As an artist beginning a new series of mural designs, I’m discovering that the rhythm of creation comes more naturally than I anticipated, each line flowing into the next with an ease that is both exhilarating and deeply familiar. My current focus is on identifying potential walls—the perfect canvases for my mural art—and these walls […]

What It Means To Exhibit Artwork

Dick Crispo exhibiting art Carmel Art Association

From the moment I lay the first stroke of color onto a blank canvas, to the moment of showcasing my work in a gallery or one-man show, each step is a profound journey that not only reflects my growth as an artist but also my evolution as a person. Exhibiting artwork is a deeply personal […]

Artist Podcast Episode No. 1

Dick Crispo podcast 01

This month, we’re trying something new and different: my first podcast. It’s more of an interview style format. I’m joined by fellow artist Rene Arreola. Rene is a comic book artist, also living in Monterey, CA. In this first episode, we’re talking about art and how I became an artist. From the time I was […]

The Soul and Watercolor

the soul and watercolor artwork by Dick Crispo

The Story Inside the My Watercolor Paintings As I lay out my palette, filled with vibrant watercolors, and gaze upon the untouched 300 lb. Arches cold-pressed paper before me, I’m reminded of the profound journey each painting takes me on—a journey into the depths of the human soul. In my latest series, I have pushed […]

Understanding the Different Watercolor Papers and How They Impact Your Paintings

watercolor paper

When setting out on an artistic journey with watercolors, one quickly learns that the type of paper chosen can have a monumental impact on the final artwork. Through my exploration, I’ve found that the choice between cold pressed and hot pressed watercolor papers is not merely a preference but a strategic decision that affects the […]

The Influence of Tribal Masks on Cubism

masks behind cubmism

As an art enthusiast and artist, I have always been fascinated by the evolution of artistic movements and the various influences that shape them. One such captivating example is the relationship between cubism and tribal masks. Cubism, considered one of the most influential art movements of the 20th century, was heavily influenced by the powerful […]

Mayan Influences in My Artwork

Mayan art influence

In my own watercolors, Mayan art influences and shapes the images I paint. To this, I add my own interpretations of the enduring impact of psychology and the human spirit. I intertwine these elements within the very fabric of my artwork. There is an intricate connection between my inspirations and the artistic manifestations they give […]

Unmasking the Soul: The Artistic Journey of Being True to Yourself

Steinbeck 14x16 giclee Dick Crispo

In The Spanish Manner https://youtu.be/0IE_0zKbwho?si=3tZJZhrRy3sEI6P9 Unleashing the Power of Authentic Expression As an artist, my quest for true authenticity has shaped my creative journey. I have devoted myself to capturing the essence and untold stories behind every face I paint. Drawing inspiration from the timeless works of Spanish masters Goya and Ribera, I seamlessly blend […]

Setting Up an Art Studio on Cannery Row

Dick Crispo gallery studio

An Inspired Move I’m embarking on a new journey, setting up my art studio at the Cheryl Potts Pottery and Gallery on Cannery Row in Monterey, CA. With my passion for creating rhythmic drawings and paintings, this move promises to offer a fresh perspective on my artistic endeavors. So, let’s dive in and explore the […]