Unmasking the Soul: The Artistic Journey of Being True to Yourself

Steinbeck 14x16 giclee Dick Crispo

In The Spanish Manner https://youtu.be/0IE_0zKbwho?si=3tZJZhrRy3sEI6P9 Unleashing the Power of Authentic Expression As an artist, my quest for true authenticity has shaped my creative journey. I have devoted myself to capturing the essence and untold stories behind every face I paint. Drawing inspiration from the timeless works of Spanish masters Goya and Ribera, I seamlessly blend […]

Setting Up an Art Studio on Cannery Row

Dick Crispo gallery studio

An Inspired Move I’m embarking on a new journey, setting up my art studio at the Cheryl Potts Pottery and Gallery on Cannery Row in Monterey, CA. With my passion for creating rhythmic drawings and paintings, this move promises to offer a fresh perspective on my artistic endeavors. So, let’s dive in and explore the […]

The Influence of Mexican Murals on My Art

Dick Crispo Mexican Influenced Art

Exploring Psychosocial Art as Influenced by Large Colorful Murals I took a recent trip to Mexico. While on the trip, I was sure to continue drawing.  I was, and still am, influenced by the people and culture in Mexico. Below is a gallery of all the art I made will on the trip. I only […]

Pools of Color

pools of color

Texture Continues To Shape My “Conversations” Paintings Most recent of my “Conversation in the Middle of the Day” paintings have a little more variety in the color, but only a slight variety. What I mean by a slight variety is that I’m taking different colors and slicing them in half in terms of value. Then […]

Conversations In The Middle Of The Day

Crispo conversations in the middle of the day

The Black Lines Are My Handwriting As I approach making the second half of these 30” x 40” paintings on illustration board panels, the important thing for me is to make it clear that the background colors reflect the series’ name. These brighter colors in this series are titled “Conversation in the Middle of the […]

Water Is The Master In A Watercolor Painting

Dick Crispo watercolor painting

If the water doesn’t flow, the colors won’t flow I first learned to paint in watercolor when I took an Asian art course in Sumi painting from Horseshoe, North Carolina. Because of the Asian art approach to watercolor, I found myself loving to draw with a brush. And that’s what Sumi is: drawing with the […]

The Impact of Color In My Abstract Expressionistic Art

watercolor art Dick Crispo

My View on Color   In my art, I don’t separate the line and the color. I separate the color in the line.  It’s a different kind of thing because the line that comes out usually comes out of me first. It’s that initial flow, it’s the one I’m going to stay with. As for […]

The Drawing Underneath The Images

pencil and watercolor artwork by Dick Crispo

The Flow of Lines and Rhythmic Drawing   I have always considered myself a maker of images. Yes, I am known as an artist and a painter. I am most definitely creative. But at the end of the day, what I make are images. In my image-making, the most important thing is the drawings underneath […]

Drawing is the Backbone of My Art

drawing aqua graphite Dick Crispo

Black: The Defining Color For me, drawing is the backbone of art. I don’t care what’s happening in my life. I have to draw. I don’t care if I’m in the middle of the desert lost somewhere. I’ll find some way to draw in the sand. I just have to draw and I have to […]