The Black Line Tells the Story

acrylic painting by Dick Crispo

And Adding Dimension To The Flat Acrylic Colors What I am doing in this last painting in the series, not the last of the series, but the last painting in the series is reaching more for the Byzantine sense of space. That’s a shallow space that’s really has some shadows to it and some un-shadows […]

Mini Murals

mini mural art by Dick Crispo

Black: The Defining Color I want to talk about these 30″ x 40″ paintings on Strathmore 500 illustration board. It’s the type of Strathmore illustration board with its official stamp, marking it as the highest quality paper available. The other part is that I will discuss using the liquid acrylics, the fluid acrylics, and a […]

Heroic Proportions

Heroic Proportions painting

Larger than life: A studio painting that feels like an epic poem For this painting, I start off the drawing using heroic proportions, that is what I do in a mural, which is larger than life proportions. If you stretched your fingers out of your hand, you’d get the usual typical proportions of the hand […]

Mixed Media Painting Process


The Dialogue Between The Colors When it comes to my “Front and Side” series of paintings, I have a process that involves several types of media. Because these are mixed media paintings, I am using different types of paints and mediums as well as tools. When I am creating these 4” x 8” inch […]