Appreciating The Beauty In Asymmetry

beauty of asymmetry

The Intimate Dance of Ink and Intent Each stroke of the pen, a silent communicator, guides the observer through a narrative much deeper than the inked surface it graces. My journey as an artist has long been intertwined with the pursuit of storytelling through the simplest of mediums: ink and paper. As I guide my […]

Drawing is the Backbone of My Art

drawing aqua graphite Dick Crispo

Black: The Defining Color For me, drawing is the backbone of art. I don’t care what’s happening in my life. I have to draw. I don’t care if I’m in the middle of the desert lost somewhere. I’ll find some way to draw in the sand. I just have to draw and I have to […]

Drawing: The Rhythm in the Line and Shape

graphite drawing Dick Crispo

Let The Drawing Make The Drawing One of the things that I love to do is to sit and draw on smaller drawing pads. This is because they fit in my pocket. I keep these sketchbooks up on some shelves next to the chair I sit in while watching television. I just keep drawing and […]