Appreciating The Beauty In Asymmetry

beauty of asymmetry

The Intimate Dance of Ink and Intent Each stroke of the pen, a silent communicator, guides the observer through a narrative much deeper than the inked surface it graces. My journey as an artist has long been intertwined with the pursuit of storytelling through the simplest of mediums: ink and paper. As I guide my […]

Heroic Proportions

Heroic Proportions painting

Larger than life: A studio painting that feels like an epic poem For this painting, I start off the drawing using heroic proportions, that is what I do in a mural, which is larger than life proportions. If you stretched your fingers out of your hand, you’d get the usual typical proportions of the hand […]

The Rhythm in the Trees


“I think trees are the best sculptures in the world” – Dick Crispo The Rhythm of the Trees is a series of black and white, India ink paintings. They were originally done for linoleum cut studies. But I liked them as they were, so I continued making them. This series deals with the rhythms in […]