The Soul and Watercolor

the soul and watercolor artwork by Dick Crispo

The Story Inside the My Watercolor Paintings As I lay out my palette, filled with vibrant watercolors, and gaze upon the untouched 300 lb. Arches cold-pressed paper before me, I’m reminded of the profound journey each painting takes me on—a journey into the depths of the human soul. In my latest series, I have pushed […]

Understanding the Different Watercolor Papers and How They Impact Your Paintings

watercolor paper

When setting out on an artistic journey with watercolors, one quickly learns that the type of paper chosen can have a monumental impact on the final artwork. Through my exploration, I’ve found that the choice between cold pressed and hot pressed watercolor papers is not merely a preference but a strategic decision that affects the […]

Mixed Media Painting Process


The Dialogue Between The Colors https://youtu.be/8AB2nbBai0I When it comes to my “Front and Side” series of paintings, I have a process that involves several types of media. Because these are mixed media paintings, I am using different types of paints and mediums as well as tools. When I am creating these 4” x 8” inch […]