How My Watercolor Paintings Emerge Through The Use Of Different Brushes

paint brushes - Dick Crispo

“I don’t know until I do it” is the way to look at art without making it mechanical. If you don’t know and you get surprised, then the viewer will be surprised. In this video, I talk about the different watercolor brushes I use. Plus, I work on a painting showing some of my watercolor […]

Adding New Color To An Old Sketchbook

Dick Crispo watercolor and ink color sketch

Adding A Painterly Look To Line Art Sketches I recently discovered one of my old sketchbooks, a Pamco Field Sketcher. It is a pocket-sized sketchbook that I’ve had probably since the ’70s or early ’80s. When I opened it up, I found all these drawings that are so related to what I do now. In […]

Monochromatic Heads: Playing with Complementary Colors

watercolor painting monochromatic head 2386 Dick Crispo

The faces begin to talk in a different language: the language of a different color. https://youtu.be/BmRhW6gJo3U I’m continuing with my series of monochromatic paintings in watercolor. As I create more of these pieces, they also continue to evolve. I find that as I continue exploring this series in monochromatic colors, I want to pool complementary […]

Monochromatic Heads

monochromatic-head-water color painting

A Watercolor Painting Series When I first started this series of monochromatic heads, I was concerned with more monochromatic, or one color, variations of color and variations of value. It was an important part of the idea. As I progressed along, I made several variations. On a couple of them I even made them pop […]

The Rhythm in the Trees


“I think trees are the best sculptures in the world” – Dick Crispo The Rhythm of the Trees is a series of black and white, India ink paintings. They were originally done for linoleum cut studies. But I liked them as they were, so I continued making them. This series deals with the rhythms in […]